Specialty Massage

Hot Stone Massage | 60 minutes-$90.74 | 90 Minutes-$136.64

In this nurturing and healing massage, stones of various sizes and weights are settled comfortably into the body contours on areas that tend to hold tension, like the back and neck muscles. Other heated stones become an extension of your therapist’s hands as your body is massaged in a warm, earthy embrace.

In cases of muscular injury and inflammation, cooling marble stones might be used during the massage.

Recommended for: Stress relief, fibromyalgia, arthritis

Prenatal Massage | 60 Minutes-$74.73

Massage has been used for centuries in almost every culture to help women through pregnancy and promote faster recuperation from childbirth. Our prenatal pampering will indulge moms-to-be with treatments that can be adjusted for all stages of pregnancy. Oh, Baby!

The gentle and effective side-lying pregnancy massage is designed to nurture the mother-in-the-making, relieve common prenatal discomforts, and gently help prepare a woman’s body to give birth.

Although pregnancy is a natural state, it does put stress on your body. Women who receive regular massages while pregnant report healthier pregnancies, stronger bodies, and a deeper connection with their blossoming bellies and growing babies. To relieve the muscle aches, anxiety, and fatigue that often come with pregnancy, make massage therapy an integral part of your self-care!

Recommended for: Expectant mothers during all stages of pregnancy, Post-partum

Please note: In most instances, pregnancy massage can be received safely. However, it is recommended that you consult with your primary health care provider prior to receiving a massage.