Reflexology Massage | 30 Minutes – $38 | 60 Minutes-$65 | 90 Minutes-$103

So experience the ancient art of re-balancing the body through targeted foot reflex areas. Designed to release tension from head to toe, gentle pressure techniques are applied to various points on the feet which help release blockages and re-establish energy flow. A safe form of therapy for people of all ages, Reflexology improves your circulation, enhances relaxation, eases pain, and restores the body functions to better health.

Relaxation to the fullest!

Recommended for: Everyone

Hot Stone Reflexology | 60 Minutes-$85 | 90 Minutes-$128

Smooth, warm stones are used on the pressure points of the feet for an extremely relaxing experience. Put your feet on solid ground!

Recommended for: Everyone

Enhancement | Foot Scrub-$5 | Foot Soak-$5