Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage | 60 Minutes-$69.39 | 90 Minutes-$109.95

The classic stress relief massage! So take a deep breath and remember what is important…YOU!
Now close your eyes and let the fluid and soothing strokes of our full body massage bring you peace and balance.
Add a custom blend of essential oils for a personalized benefit. (See Aromatherapy Section for selection and pricing.)

Recommended for: Newcomers, stress relief, life transitions

Couples Massage | 60 Minutes-$69.39 per person

They say things are better when they are shared and a relaxing couples massage is a truly delightful way to
spend time together. Not only will each of you receive the benefits of your individual massage, you will have a chance to connect with yourselves and each other.

Recommended for: Love birds, best friends, mothers and daughters, etc.

Massage & Reflexology | 30/30 Combo-$78.57 | 60/30 Combo-$109.95 | 60/60 Combo-$134.39

Enjoy the ultimate healing combination…a relaxing massage to your body with a restorative
reflexology treatment to your feet. Designed to encourage full body balance and renewal!

30 Minute Massage with a 30 Minute Reflexology | $78.57
60 Minute Massage with a 30 Minute Reflexology | $109.95
60 Minute Massage with a 60 Minute Reflexology | $134.39